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Coming October 7th: Flute Rx!

Friday, July 28, 2017 by Jessica Valiente | Workshops

Band directors and instrumental music teachers, I know you don't want to think about this right now.  You're grilling on the back deck, or you're sipping a margarita with your feet up, or you're watching the kids splash around at the water's edge in Seaside Heights.  You definitely don't want anyone to say the "S" word (either of the "S" words).  I hear you.  Sc---l and Sep----er are forbidden words in our house in July, as well (my husband is a middle school instrumental music teacher and band director, like so many of you).  But that day is coming.  The day is coming when the rental instruments will have been delivered to your band room, you'll have a room full of bright, shiny faces in front of you, eagerly waiting to make that first, satisfying sound on their new instruments.

And then there are the FLUTES.

It's rare that a kid gets a great first sound on their instrument, no matter what the instrument is.  But for the little flutist, they often don't get even a squeaky, squawky, or buzzy sound on the first try.  Usually, they get no sound, which can be very disheartening.  And if flute is not your primary instrument, helping them get that first, good, satisfying sound can be an elusive goal.  Even for the most seasoned veteran woodwind teacher, there is always that one kid...but you don't have to give up on them.

We flute specialists have quite of few tricks and tips that were probably not covered in your woodwind methods class, and we have access to the latest helpful devices that help young flute students get off to a great start.  In this workshop, I share these tricks and tools with you.  I also dispell any flute myths that may be holding your students (or even you) back, review care and maintenance, provide you with a list of the latest peer-approved resources, and a list of the best maintenance people in the area.

This workshop takes place at Spinosa Music Center in Belleville, NJ.  Spinosa specializes in quality second-hand musical instruments, has large instruments for school collections (basses, bari saxes, tubas, percussion).  They also have the complete variety of Latin percussion and traditional Latin stringed instruments (cuatro, tres, laud, etc.).  Plus all of your usual band and orchestra instruments and accessories.

The workshop is FREE but space is limited!  Please send an email to theglobalflutestudio@gmail.com for complete details and to register.

Hope to see you there!

Dr. Valiente