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Regional and All-State Auditions

Sunday, March 26, 2017 by Jessica Valiente | Uncategorized

Last week, we wrapped up the season for regional and all-state auditions in New Jersey, with the auditions for intermediate and high school orchestra.  My husband and I, as members of NAfME (National Association for Music Education), both participated in this season's auditions and rehearsals, serving director duty for our private students for both regional and all-state orchestras.  We're very proud to say that one of our own daughters was accepted on violin to both the regional and the all-state orchestras for her age level.  Seeing it from the parent view, rather than the participant view and director view, as we both have, we learned some interesting things about the process.

The most significant thing that we learned is that not every school band or orchestra director is willing to support their students who wish to audition for these outstanding ensembles.  If you're not already aware, a student can only participate if their name is submitted by their school ensemble director (whether that be band, orchestra, chorus, jazz ensemble, or any other relevant ensemble).  If their director agrees to submit their name, then that director has to attend the audtions for the day to help with the many tasks that have to be done on audition day.  This could be judging auditions, but it could also be monitoring warm-up rooms, signing in students as they arrive, escorting them to the audition room, etc.  If the director is not willing to participate in this volunteer work for the day, then students from that school may not audition.

Fortunately, private teachers can also submit their students names and can serve director duty for auditions and rehearsals.  At The Global Flute Studio, we support our students at every level and for every eligible ensemble.  If your elementary (Region II), middle, or high school aged child is studying with me and wishes to audition for any of the available regional ensembles, I will be there for them at every step, all the way through all-states, all-east, and the highest level they can achieve.  As an alumna of North Jersey Region I and New Jersey All-State concert bands, I can give your child the best technical and musical preparation, as well as help them negotiate the ins and outs of the audition room.  If you're interested in switching to my studio, so that your child has the best chance to participate in this extraordinary experience with New Jersey's best young musicians, please send me an email at jessicalynnevaliente@gmail.com or call me at 646-597-2667.

Keep making great music!

Dr. Jessica