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Beautiful Stokes Forest Music Camp

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 by Jessica Valiente | Uncategorized

I'm sitting at a shared computer in the conference room of the School of Conservation at Stokes State Forest in Sandyston, New Jersey.  The view from my window is of green fields, trees, ancient rocks with half a dozen tiny chipmunks cavorting around them, and beautiful Lake Wanalappe.  The only thing that could be more wonderful than being here would be being here while playing music with accomplished colleagues and teaching flute and chamber music  to marvelously smart and talented tweens and teens -- oh, wait!  That's what I'm doing!

I cannot find adequate words to tell all of you what an exciting, fun, and gratifying experience this has been -- teaching at Stokes Forest Music Camp.  My own children are campers here, and I can see that they and all of their fellow campers are having the time of their lives, all while learning and making great music.  Stokes Forest Music Camp offers something for every young musician, ages 10-17.  There are opportunities for instrumentalists and vocalists, with orchestra, concert band, jazz band, rock band, select choir, a musical theater production, chamber music, brass ensemble, percussion ensemble, private lessons, and nightly concerts and presentations by Stokes faculty, counselors, and campers.  Many students are multi-instrumentalists, and they have the opportunity to grow on their primary instrument (or voice) and also explore a secondary instrument.  Stokes Forest Music Camp is a 2-week sleep-away camp.  One-week attendance is an option, and students in nearby Sussex County, NJ, and eastern Pennsylvania, can be day-campers if they prefer.  The sleep-away experience is an extraordinary opportunity for your child to develop independence, personal responsibility, and self-confidence, while being guided by caring counselors who facilitate mutual courtesy, cooperation, and sensitivity among the campers.

If you're interested in sending your  young musician to this wonderful summer camp in 2018, check out their website for information in the beginning of next year: